a bit

I’ve promised to myself write a post every day. I couldn’t do it yesterday. Sorry. But today, when I really want to say so much, as it is always, time’s passed. I need sleep – waking up at six. Very busy lately.


24 Feb

 At night I saw a dream as I am in Edinbourgh. It was so real and so beatiful, because it was an autumn with its orange sky and uncleaned roads. Speaking something to music seller, I couldn’t believe it. 

This vision played inside and helped not to go to trivial round of our grey study. Naturally the sitter was late again and we were chatting about half an hour. I was making some sketches this time. But when he has come, work went on. Me and girls congratulated our male teachers Defender of the Fatherland Day. I’ve already forgot how plesant to give gifts. Really, we all knows these holidays are rabbish. Rabbish what was imagined other time. But traditionals are traditionals. Even if it distracts us from learning. till I hardly believe our group wil take our drawing review well. I feel something like it was before when we were hearing not strong notes and then got bad grades. But I haven’t any other choice except strong drawing on final review.

First step.

Hi everybody! Today I have first opened English book before much time, what I spent for state exames. Finally we’ve known we really can’t take ones this year. This is sadly, but that is like this.
But I went away the book I opened. This is Ishiguro’s nocturnes. I’m reading it and resting. Luxury for my

study time.