It’s saturday. Usually our group gathers this day for painting one another, but today we’ve been finished the draft of Anton. I hadn’t manage to wake up ordinary time and came twenty minutes later. Nothing new – I really wasn’t late. On the way I lisened a phylosophy lecture and was in elated working mood. I drew fast and enthusiastically. Explore human body is really intresting and fascinatingly. I need work harder as I know my limitations. 

Also it’s Masha birthday today. We haven’t thought she come and bring a cake, but she did. Many times we were eating a cake, drinking tea and speaking about different intresting and not things. She said what she never did before: reviews will be always and preparing them we’re able to lose many important things. Sad but true. Work takes majority of time. 

After chatting drawing was not seminal – Katya with boys were abusing all the time. I completed the bag and go away early then they. 


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