before review

It’s no any snow on roads, it’s no any wet air outdoors. I’m too hot in my coat and too fleshly in my mind. This society always chatt and chatt from course to course without any think to stop and change something. But inspired mood didn’t leave me in the light workshop, where classmates throw banal comments one another. if I watched it would be upset. I thought about my painting. 

Tomorrow it’s drawing review. I dismissive attitude to this. Allegedly I’m in another world where isn’t problems of emotions. I must do foreskis for 5 hours. Never return to this improvident way of work. 


2 thoughts on “before review”

  1. I have no idea why, but I get the impression that something important is dawning upon you this time. What I mean is that this is a kind of the qualitative leap. Your concentration on work, your constant feeling of your ‘musts’ and stubbornness (this word’s been used in the finest sense of it, anyway) – these are charmingly positive and much promsing. Sometimes I even have a frolicing thought: one day you’ll have become a great master in your field and hide your blog from your fans!
    I beg your pardon if I have offended you, I never meant that and this is just a lame attempt to cheer your up a little bit.

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