Something called preholiday

 Pre-holiday I fondly thought to work on lessons. I speak it despite my absence from first lessons – senseless of study swallowed me morning. I painted foreskis than went to college where holiday had taken all the coridors and rooms. Rubbish. I was out of holiday’s wave and little listened girls’ tales about gifts and teachers. We gathered in our study to talk and eat some sweets. But I couldn’t eat and naturally I couldn’t say “I’m on abstinense” – Nastya was laughing after this phrase and hinted on my irreligious. I felt detached as it’s not my world and not my people. I was texting to Nastya and still thinking about english and composition. But frankly speaking our relationship with tutor is touchingly beautiful. 

On drawing we wasn’t working long time – sun was shining, girls were chatting and laughing, the sitter was beginnig to speak. We called it a day 1.5 hours earlier. To this time I was despondency – something from yesterday’s sad truth and inane edicational sistem was coming to me. Sometimes I feel strong sense of realism’s absurdity. Maybe it’s just tiredness of study pressure, maybe it speaks my rational mind. Altogether I thought not to go for bowling with girls. But Lena and me went on foot to the mall. Naturally we’d gone before girls had arrived by car. Then they known that there isn’t any track today. We all took eat and was sitting in restourant yard. I throw witty notices and laughed but really nice speaking wasn’t managed. I was tired to give my jokes and stand to go away. Outdoors was wonderful sunset. Violet with orange throght carmine. 


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