After so brightly merry day I’m sitting on sofa about half an hour. I’ve written w letter for N- I’ve never done one so short- only a side of leave.


2 thoughts on “—”

  1. For some reasons the older we are, the less our letters become, as if they were tramsmitting signs, letters and words – a kind of “energy” – to our life. Don’t you think that it’s a special balance? Either we write a lot and live little or write strangely und uncomfortably short letters but our real life (not only social, – intellectual, inner) is more excess.
    Who knows? Perhaps several lines of a letter can be much more important. measure is not a universal criterion.

    1. What can I say? You’re right. But there is else a question of our relationship. Is it wish’s absence to tell her or we’re both go on the same not real friendly way? I can’t think about this many.

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