new exibition

 Just now I’ve gone from the opening of new exibition in Artist’s Soviet gallery. It is litographies of Picasso. Indeed ones turned out only photos. Nobody said it loud enough. Nevertheless I listened speeches with some sort of pleasure. These men try to understand, try to transcend themselves, transcend their classic view, but still keep soviet artists. It is in our town in second decade of 21 century. Many of quests disparaged print copies and went to banquet table. I was leaving real life and not hear any sound around me. I really glad to see  slowly steps of coming evolution of art to this town. I smiled not because it must to be there, but because I felt cheer. On the way back to bus stop we were discussing exibition. Masha wasn’t being so chatty and saying that that question is hard for her and maybe she only haven’t grow enough to accept it. To my pity, people don’t understand this art are around me everewhere. I can say only N sometimes ago said me how it is awesome. 


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