This day began with snow outside the window. I skipped the lecture of comp.graphic and did its at home. Naturally I was late on second lecture and had been running before I entered the class where nobody was going to study. To my pity all my expectation to get some new phylosophy material was failed. She asked some questions for us and left the room. Then everywhere around me voices were heard: “Who is Jaspers?” “WTF is this existentialism?” etc. Honestly I suddenly have shoked and dissapeared by them. Teacher, wno called me “most clever”, asked me the first and I told half questions during a minute. Then we were talking about absurdity of life and ways to go away from this absurdity. She went on prosaic war side of theme and I wasn’t intrested as in causes of hydrogen bomb’s creation as politic.

During the dinner break we cleaned up the study room. Rubbish! I grambled about this foolishness all the time. We mustn’t work as cleaning woman we must study. But I think that if the open door days would be never the college became dirty and dusty. On the whole fifth courses had washed the floors in workshops. 

Then it became the best time of day. I was drawing the interior on the second floor and really enjoyed on it. Nobody bothered me and I could fell in work. I like to draw interiors because I absolutely self-confident as I know how to do it well. At first course all my home interior was took in the fund. 

After three pairs of drawing and listening music I came throw bay. It was windy and to my amasing snowy. I thought abput nothing and watch light on ice.


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