good monday

On the morning I woke up with quiet and went to college earler than usually for stretching a paper. En route to this I met K and we were talking about dreams, delibarates and unpercieved ones. It’s surprisingly because of his taciturnity. 

In college, when I set up a new draft, it turn up back to interior. For some reason a sitter hadn’t come and we again left the workshop and get corridors. I was confused and restrained myself from ironical jokes on order of things there. But my really merry mood wasn’t downed and I had enjoyed by work. 

My senses and my mind were optimistic because of my own world including art, painting, story about painting, english books and me. 

On break Lena and me talked with Sasha and Olya about study, their sesion and themes for final work. Finally Olya request to gather together sometimes after their session in April. We were so fanny, warm and really frendly that I insisted on this idea. 

Work was did well, last painting work was hanged in corridor, kind girl came to mix – everything’s good. 


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