Maybe spring influences on everything its best way or people immediately became better and decided to for example teach us. I say about computer graphic, what lesson was producive and accessebly and teacher had been calm when was explaining. Certainly spring’s influence hadn’t embraced phylosophy with its not a lecture about not russian phylosophy. I mean it’s not phylosophy at all. That time was the first I didn’t want to speak on this subject. But I have known about Nastya’s position and all the causes of her foreign flags T-shirts and catolic cross. But she more clever than they are accordingly I nearer to her then to seating covered with moss girls who shout about partiotism but still buy clothes from other countries. As nobody debate each other, as everybody has continued routine attitude one another after.

When break had gone F went to the workshop and began put statement. Finally we’ve got a wondeful picture of a modesty man, Homer’s bust, a few drapery, two seats and some books. I worked really concentrated as my ears have been blocked from any real world’s sound.

Evening,when rain had been started, I ran. Radio didn’t work and I only watched at blue distance, red and green trees with constanly shade of violet.


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