composition review and misery of grey walls

 This day is really contrastly and not usual. I may say that no any causes of stangeness of the day but I feel other. Allegedly we have upstaired on a step and have already spoken about wishes to graduate as soon as we can. The college has bad influenses on our mood as I have wonderful hopeful mood but after an hour in the drawing workshop I feel hard, misery, abyss of despair. Not because of my works but because of people, words, faces, grey walls etc. I stayed by easel and tryed not to cry, not to tremble but draw. A remedy became Queen songs. 

My last sketch for composition left home and all my other compositions wasn’t so intresing as it was. But I didn’t feel any anxiety about it. Really who doesn’t know that these reviews don’t deside anything in work. On the whole only half group has setted. 

Till teachers were watching sketches we I mean five girls leafed throw art magazines and chatting. Everybody of us felt weariness from study and teachers, and everybody of us wanted to finish all of it. Accordingly we had been frolicsome when entered the hall to hear decisions. I will do what I want. That’s point. Maybe I’ll try Italian style with right perspective and limited palette. I think about figures and that who they able to be. Not all of college students and teachers. I need to sketch it. 


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