Extremely not usual day.

It started with our trip to eye microsergery hospital. Just we’d come and it became accessibly that it is commercial institution: clear floor, spacious holl and modern doors. But the personal of reception is still as in govement hospital. Till we’d waited our line electricity was failed and rooms became dark. But it wasn’t matter. There was so much people and it’s so automatical process that I felt a little upset and nervious. Nonetheless I met a mother of my classmates accordingly it was little faster for me. Foremost nobody revealed my squint but when it did it turned the same time to better and worse sides. Yes there is no any mistakes except one fact. I’m not operable because of squint is in both eyes and I have stereopsis. Only thing I can is physiotherapy and take night lenses for put a stop declension of sight. And glasses of course. Most people asked me to take it on then I said I don’t do it and they were surprised as a rule. Finally I signed up for lenses selection (so expensive!) and we came to trade center.

Mum with me have invited for a wedding of my old cousin who find her US boy. Accordingly we had a problem with dresses. We haven’t ones. In one farther shop we’ve both found the dresses what suits us. I was really glad and calm when we were eating in Mac’s (not usual for us). 

I came to college as I came to other world and haven’t any mood for work. I didn’t think to come today at all. Teacher placed a sitter for new work – so grey and boring. Allegedly a sitter is an artist with pallete sit by easer. He said he has creative crisis himself. In addition to this there was any normal place for work and I was forced to take a podium. 

After lessons what happens too fast only Nastya and me had stayed for evening drawing. After some sketches during we were discussing and laughing many other things we desided to come to eat an ice-cream. All the time we draw “I want to walk” sounded from us. And we talked about Europe’s trips of our classmates about summer rest and other nice thing after what we smiled and laughed. And didn’t forget to ate ice-cream on the cold wind. It was nice, merry unusual evening. Thank you. 


2 thoughts on “Extremely not usual day.”

    1. It must be better, but not health at all. Naturallly I hadn’t any problems with squint, I think it just professional bad side. It’s not vex me.
      I think photos will have done because of me photograph mum in victorian style dress.

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