Optimistic Tuesday

 Even if I include all grey colours in picture of the day, it won’t be worse or more sadly. 

Morning it was art history lesson on the whole I was trying to see remarks below the pictures and thinking more than it’s said to us. Brullov isn’t a russian artist at all – in the main he worked on ancient greek and roman plots with few portrait of russian aristocratic till they were living in Italia. But that fact doesn’t dirogate imagery of his works. Yes we all see that he imitated Italian Renessance in nineteenth century, but we all know also that it was the last breath of classicism and that breath was full of artistic dignity. (It’s pity our new teacher sees a correct academic drafts and pedantic work on details, but ignors the main intention of pictures. Anyway she’s most better then the last one.) 

On pedagogic I’ve taken my lesson about education sistem. It was so boring theme as I’ve found one way to make it more fanny. After all lecture (what ministries direct us) I offered to distribute first ten university on their places in racing. I was amazed by their excitement. 

Then we went to the canteen where I had felt some kind of dissapointment of our lecture lessons and teachers. Bad education. We talked about little fanny things and events till I went to bus stop. This type’s review has gone without me. 

But I arrived to shoe-shop where wasn’t any shoe on heels what suits me. Of course it’s not the reason why I’d arrived. I met my mum in trolleybus and we both directed to private eye clinic. Without much descriptuion I’m saying: till I don’t need operate but glasses or lenses full-time, physic therapy and re-inspection in half a year.  

To this little gladness added the one else. I’ve get 5, 4 and 5 with fund by review of TYPES!! 

Anyway I still haven’t found any shoes for wedding and have much works on composition by Tuesday. 

Everything is all right and will be better. 


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