What I need to have else now? It’s a delicious tepid sunday. I’ve ran on the main street morning and then we had a traditional breakfast with pancakes and coffee. I’ve watched so beautiful places on TV and went to make sketches.

Sometimes it’s so tiresome to have teachers who obligation you with some kind of composition idea what you had at start. I offen change my first idea on the second and the next afterward. But what the sense I feel growing inside me? There’s some kind of restraint in front of teacher’s voice. It’s so hard to save your composition, your figures, your colour and your thinks through another hands. I’ve forced to do a plot about “a wonder” in graphic only because of I didn’t any sketch for graphic, but have many one for painting. Accordingly I change painting work for graphic and absolutely have no idea how to make it with water-colours. Furthermore it must include images of world’s sides. I mean girls\women who impersonate north, south, east and west. I’ve read about symbolic means of this and induced I can’t save my composition frozen how it’s now. In one word I scare to make something, but not to do something at all will not direct me the best total.

I feel necessity to take an order in my life, throw something vain out and add others to make work and life better.


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