Drawing review

 I’d oveslept morning and was about so fast as I could. I’ve never forgotten a paper in the new stage morning and never bougth it once. The same time I was reading Nastya’s letter – so pretty, not so remote as before. The same time I’d met Olya on road to college. How we talked was very friendly and near for me. Certainly we discussed about education and universities. How we are pity about our entrance to this college, what the difference in the universities if nowhere one teach us anything. She said that she wants to take the seconde high-education too. 

In the workshop it were rattling when I came. Within 4 days away from this place I had time to wean from all this rabbish. There are so little places, so noisy movement, so useless talks, so negative teachers, so boring lectures. But I was hurry to strech my paper.

I’m hopeful and configurated to work. Inspite of review results it’s still. But my classmates absolutely disheartened. How is it able to walk the lesson because of review? Are you the old fourth course or weak the first?

I have so much work as I was out in weekends.


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