parade and friendship

It was fanny unusual day when I felt taking part of friendship.

Morning I was late for parade in “New” town. Frankly it was not entusiastic idea to get together the holiday in provintial town where parade does not so “grandious” as in our one. Moreover I hadn’t any washes to get talks about War and history. Please no any patriotic fever front of me. But after my little adventures with shuttles I run to Olya and Natasha, who standed by start of parade. Can you imagine how much I run?

Nonetheless as we began to share replical it’d became warmer. We were watching as young pupils marched in uniform. Some time later we spend by eternal flame where met Sasha. She was in Cambridge smock (I gladly exclaimed, but Olya commented “Patriot”). In cafe we were speaking long time about all world’s problems, thertres, cities, education, groups’ relationships. Sasha and me tried glasses of each other. On the whole it was pretty sitting what we continued open air. By the way there was sultry midday while we had been weared in coats and scarfs. I felt some kind of pressure swing.

I was surprised on the level of our relationship. Girls spoke about things I would never know without them. I absolutely glad for them as they graduate in Moscow cinematography university. We never know where we can meet new friend.


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