It was vulgar rattle stage of the great play. Actors and actress cried so much and so loud that this histeric stoped to unfience on me as a adequate piece of play. They waved with hand, run to and fro, water each other, sticked screwdriver as a knife, stocked with hose oneself and other finds which doesn’t belong to one style. Moreover they absolutely forget about politic and frienship themes of play. After the first act half of audience has left the old Soviet hall. We set before the end. I don’t know what I wanted to see, but finally it was baldly. Girls asked me before action how could I expect that provincial not official theatre in margin of town does play HAMLET well. Naturally they failed it. I only regret about lost time. Maybe after Natasha’s yesterday tale about Vakhtangov theatre it was wanted to me to find something the same nearer then through the few kilometres. 

Later we were sitting in cafe, where I couldn’t find any appropriate theme for talk. Please begin to refine your society!! On the whole I’m not happy with this evening. Maybe later I’ll understand it as a view on provincial silly theatres. Maybe.


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