sunny friday

I hadn’t any wish to come to computer graphic morning as I had been sure it would be foolish. 10 minutes to 9 I was draging a big 1.5 metres plane to second floor and waited a teacher then. Irina and me sitted together in the corridor till girls came too. Time was going fast and 9.30 we’re decided to arrive to shop for a gift. Today is birthday of our tutor, but we hadn’t done anything for her.

In Nastya’s car we listened her wonderful stereo-sistem and spoke loud. She had opened a sunroof when we arrived down the road and fresh air was blowing us till loud youth misic flew into ears. On a moment I felt like I’m not here, but where I prefer to be. A moment of sense of full life.

In the shop we bought a card soon and were going by shelves of perfumes. It’s one of my innocent pleasure to change a perfume.

A way backward a text was got me. Nastya wrote me about a dream she saw last night. Allegedly my final work were exhibited in “Russian museum” in StPt. In a moment my frozen state were broken and I exulted by it. Thanks her.

On the break we gathered in the study for congadulation our tutor and traditional eating a cake. It wasn’t different from other sitting the same reason. Boring loud talks – that’s all. We have photographed on a grass by college and went to our lesson.


On drawing lesson I felt grateful for that inspirite text, this delicious new Coldplay songs and senses I feel by these.

I had so tired after drawing and dragging plane back, but thought about everything. Anything I would do I can’t evade by painting.


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