Not study monday

To my pity there is no any study in college. I tried to be late morning but whatever came the first. A lesson we spent learning “Language culture” for exam. We’re laughing and talking – while Zenya is there it makes more culture. Then two drawing hours was till sitter had asked to go away earlier. On the break we were invited on the meeting with teacher from University in our town. He organized a department of academic painting with him as a singular teacher. What can I say? He looks like Soviet school teacher, who absolutely can’t to adopt world changes. I wouldn’t speak about him so much if he doesn’t tell us that all free places in Academy have done away with. And in our little town too. And Kazan branch of Moscow university has done away with too. I couldn’t listen his craimed view on painting.

We left the hall with sense of govement oppression again. Our profession doesn’t need to highwaymen. We histerical laughed and discussed ideas for ways in capitals. Zenya really does glad to enter medical university. Rabbish. Everybody thinks to skip next after graduate year. I don’t know.

I’ve taken my exam fluently and went home. I don’t know why I stopped in book store then went to market. But headache is here. It’s leaving me it’s leaving me. I must do the cartoon for book graphic arts.


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