Morning I was indolent and lazy. So terrible state what I have from time to time so long. I thought about it yesterday and have had an issue that it started with new state rule about education. 

2 o’clock mum with me went for shopping. It was long very long process during what I had made more fun and alive. It’s so silly to buy any  chiness old-fashion model that I couldn’t keep calm. I felt confident and stern gravity together with frolicsome and jokes all the time. That state of searching is some kind of scour of head from any tiresome thinks. And you would have clearer mind, obvious purposes. Something like a hike to museum or theatre, church for somebodies, on the whole a place where you can forget about all the world outside the door. Accordingly we set in the cafe, I drunk milkshake and thought about nothing. Like a meditation. 

There’s funny thing to observe on my mum when she fares in textile-store and run from one shop to other breathing hard about full absence of time for sewing. 

Finally we have tired but very enjoy. By the way it was made the order in my head.



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