Nevertheless summer till it’s not so fervent is wonderful time of hope evoking. You are like regenerate for life with all its positive sides. Feeling like Sun penetrates inside and lightes malice, irritation and sad with warm colourful beam. I look on windows what reflection sky and trees, men and girls in bright t-shirts. There’s something like hope and sense of real life. All the time before I mean as autumn as spring it was so painful state with miserables tentations to be happy. Now when in my eyes are big cities and future I more happy then when I’m in grey lifeless workshop. As it have been all the first part of the day. There is foolish rumours, “bad day” talks and no any art, no any spirit of free youth. Only prospective mums and wives. 

Also there is so strange sense when you look on lots art in the world, read about problems and successes but when you are in college it’s like a village without any contacts with real life out of these walls. Allegedly you life two lifes. 


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