It was the final review of this year. There’s front of us only plein air with its hard fervent work. Then summer and final work year. 

This day is fanny. Morning I packed works nerviously trying to hurry up. Taxi saved me from formal delay. At the half part to nine there was only two girls in the workshop. She had been beginning to talk and laught. With rapid gait I passed to and fro till all works had been laid. I gnawed myself for not hard work for slighty results but common ground wasn’t better than me. Of course this is reason why I didn’t feel any upset conversely talking philosophy themes for exam (nobody, but me wasn’t ready) and see listening faces. That deal makes me worry and twitch. 

Talks after review wasn’t intresting. I felt like I’m not here with these tasks for plein air with this hot and not condition areas. I feel like I’m so far from here and all they had spoken doesn’t touch me at all. 

Till we were sitting in the dark corridor Lena had came to us for philosophy exam. I was amazed how good she looks. She lost weight and blushed. Just before exam itself a teacher came to us and say me that I’m free from one. And Lena with me had passed home. On the road we discussed all themes like job searching and education meanings allegedly we haven’t any ignorant pauses. It was so sunny and hot but so friendly and warm. Fabulous feelings of freedom and hanging threat of plein air. I went to trade centre, bought a few colours but nothing more. In a trolley-bus I have been beginning to feel like fever of sun and laught relieve me. Nothing has changed when review overed. the same room, the same sun and the same me. if I’m really the same.


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