Rest day

 What the fabilous morning it was! Summer morning is one of marsterpieces of the world what sometimes was created. As I go to sleep early yesterday today I wake up early too. My bicicle what has kept in the basement all the time was dusty. I awkwardly began to ride. Such a scare I felt on sight of border or turn or people who were even in morning square. Coming back home I was so happy by this fresh air and not fervent sun. 

I need to say that this day is photo day as I have this point in my “To do before thirty” list. That why after unfortunate hike to the shop I wondered to far bus stop. Silence in the town what changes its roads and not change its marrow. Train station is the real romantic place here. Nobody but me come there without a real purpose to arrive to another city. When I was passing by sleepers a moment before looked on the watch I’d understood it’s the St.Pt train. 

I couldn’t go shopping more and was sitting in my favorite cafe. There aren’t any local mood and people (amazing). Many sorts of coffe and flour. Wearness came to my legs I looked throght the window as I couldn’t do anything. But I drunk my cup and went to Centre of modern art. 

I haven’t disappointed at all. No any surprise in prefering still alla-prima landscares what after two or three this sort of exibition you can call “daub”. I found one work what I with all my “art experience” call art at all. It hangs in the corner of corners in the last room. Beholding how this local art dissolves and envolves just in “daub” or “mock art” or anachronisme on my eyes. Web gives me an opportunity to compare levels of arts in different places. I mean as colleges and universities as galleries themselves. And I see not nice picture. It’s like aware you live in a village far from real art life. Inspite of this I’m come to state museum today or tomorrow presicely.


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