rest two

 Day in such a calm, lifeless town is a pleasure of quite rest, but when it lasts two day or (just think about it!) more you’ll tread on empty road and feel only boredom and nothing else. I’ve visited State Art Museum where does new exibition. Of course I didn’t know about it and just came. It is a hall of local sculptor’s works. Just scences of daily country life and a few sculptures of chase. Not intresting. Then exibition itself. The best pictures hold young thirty year old artists. There was also a picture of our not self-assured teacher. His work is beatiful, intresting and has its own mood. But not full. You know art isn’t his full time job. Teaching, organizating of exabitions etc. Maybe with some circumstances he would be great. Other pictures wasn’t intresting at all and I was passing by them. 

Sun has stopped to enjoy me and started to bother. Headache and eyes pressure. 

I can’t found right history book. There isn’t anything in library, I mean english of course.


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