You know it’s trial day and my kins were going to cemetery. I was angry with all religion prejudices. So petty and silly. I sitted lonely and calm. I don’t feel anything in the cemetery when everybody eats eats and eats. And there’s a question Whom we liyng about me as a religion for? I want to be honest with them and not to do what I really don’t belive in. Soon it was started to rain and grandma with me passed to bus stop. Mob mob. In the trong of a bus I listened my music and felt so happy with no any people around me. 


2 thoughts on “—”

  1. It’s just much easier, to be full of religious stuff. I’ve started to think recently about the situation when my mom says something like: “Tomorrow’s the holiday, keep off any dirty work, don’t wash your head or don’t tidy up your room”. What? Why? Does God really care that a person will go sweeping and dusting? If he cares about something it is maybe our attitude towards people or something of this calibre.
    You know, I’m all in books for my exams now, and at the moment I’m reading “The Name of the Rose” by Umberto Eco. Some things have something in common, I mean the topic of religious prejudice.
    Maybe it’s education that makes people “out of this”, so to say… I don’t know how to express. To think, to ponder about it, to reflect upon it and not only to do things blind-folded.

  2. You know Volter said that traditional religion is enough for ordinary people but for enlighted it’s need God as Creator as endless start of movement. I think maybe all this prejudice needs as an order of people’s life. Who of them really does come to cemetery a time in a year? I don’t know.

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