tues. 2 plain air

 Nature’s joke has made me poured with rain after ten minutes of painting a study. I was staying on the bus stop with crowd of other panic or grumble or merry people who were waiting for trolley bus. Flows of water run down the street till Vagner’s introduce of Ring of Nibelung superimposed its dramatical beauty. I went throght unruly streams getting my new red shoes wet. An hour before it spent on washing and drying. 

I didn’t hold out sitting at home and went with other bag, shoes, blues. Will you be amazed if I say it was rained again? On this time I was standing with mom and their chidren. Some of disappointment and angry. Ok. I’ll come to sleep early and get up very early. 

Frankly it’s very strange that I don’t feel so much obligation with plain air like I’ve chilled. I try to build other motivation for work.


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