3 P A

fanny day. I was hurry for not delay to new nude stage. I came a quarter past nine but nobody hadn’t been there yet. About twenty minutes I tried to make me calm and learn words. Then we stayed our sitter ourselves as Anohin hadn’t came. It was intresting and hard work with big canvas. I let me go and smeared oil with no bound. After hours what had gone so fast we went to walk with Anohin for seeking places with composition. During this process I felt the same sense as on the first course – wish to do another way. Everybody wants to paint old wrecks I prefer new buildings. Really all this hackneyed ways are bore. I search my themes and offered these. We all chilled and went to college to take our bags. 

I was inspired and maybe with some fever but at home I was waiting for rain (this clouds say me: stay at home) but it haven’t been raining. Outdoors with Vagner’s opera I was finding a place but finally chilled and to addition it started to rain. When you haven’t any studies yet it strains as this weather freezes a process. I don’t like to change my plans.


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