thus PA 11

This day has started with irritation about my oversleep. It’s so bad habit that I really need to eliminate one. But I didn’t haste and came twenty minutes to ten. All the time events of the Roman Empire glimpsed over my mind. Yesterday my mum and me watch documental films about Nero and Ceasar. I’ve understood that each wonderful, beautiful things in this world obtains with fierce straggle. Everybody who wants to build Great Rome inside one’s mind and life must know that there no any easy way to have it. All fabilous costs much.


Evening. I’ve just had a scumper across main street. Bright colourful light filled spaces of ground and walls of houses. Strange not daytime people strewn on streets. I was just thinking about my life and horrible thoughts what made me more sad some time before. For example an assumpstion, no only thought – what if this month is the last one for me? Will I really live this way if I know something like this? Running I thought I have no time to have doubts: Life is really limited action. And hiding under a blanket I can’t solve no ploblem and it’s not going away its own. I act just like shift them on other shelf. I can’t live this way with no distinct purpose, with no direction like in disire. It’s even so hard to hear nothing or do nothing till you arrive on bus. Shortly mend or end. Mend.


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