Strange slow day. I woke up with sounds of dropping rain – it means I cannot to go for studies. With no haste I came to the collage for composition. Frankly I really haven’t studies enought but Anohin was glad to see my work and growth. He’s not so critical. We’d changed motives for composition I’d done sketches for them and I went home. Moreover it’s my first full day in brackets (till one on top jaw) and I felt all the time like a metal distracks me. I ate only puree and jogurt but in the evening when mum and me bought a pizza I was feeling great tension – good buy rattling meal. 

In spite of my business we came to theatre today. It was an operatta what was natural long and sentimental. Maybe only for modern time. We need something from quality capital theatres but not this. 

My mother was so removed and not in mood to discuss an operatta or walk through the hall. Sometimes we how never before need to gather with friends and have you own life with no parents like friends. 


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