Days after.

I’ve just finished “David Copperfield” film – such a pretty nice thing with good actors.
But I basically wanted to say about life after exhibition. Yesterday I walked with Nastya across main street. It was something like past times but needs to change in events side. Also I really quarreled with my mum. She was so remoted and ignoring yestreday evening that I hadn’t been sustained and started to talk about us. It’s so problem to have a golden mean in any relationship. What obligations we have each other? I’m like daughter must to listen all your anxiety and needs, help in your deals and everyday life. Or she’s mother who must to help me to find myself in this world and fellow me to adult’s life. She offended on me about I didn’t want to work in her shop. I know this way of job and I don’t want more. But I have obligations to help her and as she has dufficulties with dismissal of her seller and there no any spare seller on thes place. I don’t know. We talked, I said that I don’t feel myself like an adult piece of our home, sometimes she doesn’t interested in my opinion. For example this funeral dinner we needed to make. LIke I’m not here and it’s not my deal at all she desided everything without me and today has asked me “Have I any resentment on her about it?” Yes I have, but go and walk with these people whom I can’t to make a company.
I was worried about this and job question all morning and yesterday. Even after Diploma day in the University (such kind of awful) my eye was twitching itself. I felt like this times after study more intense and busy than my lazy plain air. But I’m still finding a job for a month and have a list of deal before september.


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