It’s an ordinary summer day. I woke up with alarm clock but ruturn to bed hadn’t found a deal in the morning. Later the first I’ve done – called to employer to take a job, but it was failed. Only after twenty one. You won’t believe but I did upset by it. By that little rubbish. My mum is waiting for me to go to work and I’m confused with my not success in it and just bad obstinacy. I’m so stupid with it. I don’t want to work hard and boring but want to earn money and then do things I want. Everyone know that summer work is vain stupid and not so fanny as it would be wished by me. And I evidently scare about that other unknown world. Last time I scare about so much things but make a step is so hard.
Basically it happens like some old world in me has disastered. I cross through steaming remains of wonderful but not stern buildings with no liklihood to prevent it back. Then it begins morning and new cleaning machines throw ashes away. This kind of events doesn’t sense in usual days. Everything is OK. Friends enters to Universities in the Capital, I feel no marry with Nastya, I failed both last exhibitions and feel that it like a gong sounds across inner.
Inspite of this I believe in new life (what so resemble on old) and percieve perspectives.
Today is a tennis lesson!


Summer purposes

Portraits of Nastya, Olya, Sasha.
More than 20 studies and sketches
Sketches for diploma work
Earn n thousands
Get read Tale of two cities, Ancient Rome
Get at English
Study to wake up at six

Study to play tennis and chess
Ride on bicycle
Watch film (by list)
Print photos
Get sold works
Trip to Kazan
Clean up the wardrobe.