Sat 19

This day is more pretty and enjoyful than previous ones. I woke up as always and made my usual “morning pages”. This way of self-outpouring does really help me to feel myself. I was free when was crossing the roads on sunny freezy street. Such weather remains me about Scotland. But in two hour on work I busy as always and aas always had a buzz in my head. Nerviously I was late when came home at three and hurried to have a dinner and pack my tools. Nastya had been there when I went. As I started to paint it becomes more windy. Trying to make details and some landscape pieces both of us had chilled. We had been spending only one and half of hour. When I had been going to post-office I felt the same sense like I’m in other world with plane roads and sunny walls of houses. With empty silently evening streets with some dogs and blowing trees.