I did usual simple deals at the morning. Ordinary men go to store very often. They buy bread and butten, milk and something else. But I would there so seldom that have no idea what the difference between A and B. Of course I left off to look at prices. But I was going to say about my senses. When I do little domestic deals I feel myself like a citizen but no visitor of this country. I’ve taken this issue because of absent grandmum who are in hospital now.
Yesterday I watched a few “Power of art” films. I didn’t think to keen on it before night but getting finish on some studies I left in the drawing room long time.
Nastya portrait’s almost done.


yesterday note

Till I have no internet and have no water at my home I’ll do a note.
Today I’ve got up later than usual my mum said because of low pressure’s level. And naturally it was dimly outdoors. The yard was so silent that one was able to be heard only birds’ chirrup. I was eating my usual meal and then writing pages. To addition I’ve finished my old notebook what I had been used since the graduate’s exams summer. There’re some notes about my anxieties those time like nervous doubts and fears about these exams. I wasn’t as calm as now and this looks particularly interesting like an age of knowing me.
Later I went to shop for some new things. There was goods delivery and accordingly crowds of women. I took a lot of dresses for trying but finally stopped on a dark blue sweater, leather melt and a bag with strangely lock. That was the first time I felt full satisfaction with wasting money. But only I had gone to the next trade centre a niggard inside me woke up and made me got by bus to home. But I noticed that at the each place where people were to crawling in was madness in every eye. There was life even if it’s only trade life in trade centre but it was life and stir.