Today was delicious strange day. At start I didn’t make my morning pages as had to work against my mum only two hour in the shop. Two hours are enough for not to get dizzy but be managed to print all your photo. Then at home some fierce thirsty absorbed me and when it had got over I felt very ashamed myself. And I desided to make a contract. If I behaive myself like an adequede man  but do not eat like a very depressive person I will get new headphones instead of my cheap ones. 

After midday I was drawing trees with ink on craft paper. After few hours upon drafts it was like a real dry desert extending inside. Nowadays I learn to sow flowers in this desert and afterwards reap a honey. 

Being in the empty college (so cooling) there had met some fine kindly persons (I mean secretary and accountant) whom in the stir of days you just don’t notice at all. 

Then a desire to find a tennis racket led to a store by store till I had got upset by futility of my trip. But I beheld that store world has so torn by reallity of elder generation. I mean when you’re in shop with all these lights and interiors you are like in present times with adequate commertial relationships but when you’re among train station street or in the bus it’s like past times what nobody can’t return. But this is here and I do not think it is normal. Gap is too big.


I was very glad to visit a new shop in our house. There are so much cheap little things like shavers and elastic bands. It makes me pleased because of they don’t try to look like very expencive (so often) and are natural.