at home

So unusual to have another person at home. For two weeks I used to be alone here. That’s why I took a sense that this home isn’t just a home where I live but my own home. Now when grandmum’s returned from hospital I feel like another country invades my own. Nothing has changed in time. But I didn’t missed her and lived better cooking and working, opening and closing the door with a key. Maybe it’s real unnormal to have no sense that we are relavatives and no sense that we are on the same social level (how I feel it). 

Yesterday in tennis club I met my classmate. The first time I hadn’t recognized him but only when I came to pay for study he asked me. There’s no any surprise in a fact most of my classmates entered into best universities of the country. Oil and gas, medicine and physics like a popularaty theme. Nobody is in art but me. 



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