friendship meeting

It was meeting with Nastya today. On the morning I painted still life and wrote some texts for her with no answer of course. This resented me as always and I reluctantly went to meeting place. Till I was going by bus she phoned me and said that it would be great to move a meeting for an hour. Okey. I had gone to place and went to shop just for killing time. Bookstore is a place I love forever. Sometimes when I  have read much classic and basic books I will buy new realise ones. I was hanging along stores like a lonely lost little girl in a big world. It was three when Nastya hadn’t been there. In half an hour feeling hungry I went to McD and had a classic order. (It’s just an idea from documental film about America – no more) So I was sitting and eating with angry feel by Nastya when she phoned again and in five minutes entered there. Naturally that was good start as I have no mood for friendly words and meal let me listen and become more easy. She took an order and we just discussed last days news. When you sit at home and recieve senseless texts you image a person like a caricature. But during conversation it became more and more warm. I told much about documential films I’ve watched and a heap of thought I have after them. We spoke equally much and explicitly. I was amazed. Frankly I thought it would be the next regret or disappointment in this friendship but I was wrong and happy this way. Sun set low, wind blown us with freezy air, summer evening like a masterpiece of nature. In spite she couldn’t help me with self-buring but she listened and commented. Thank you.


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