Oh this day was so empty. I don’t know what to say about. Woke up lately I didn’t run and felt myself very weak by it. How people doesn’t exsercises or run and feel themselves good? I do not understand it. I tried to dash something for linocut but it was so silly and foolish. Going away from the room rage surged me up. And I was going to photo streets when mum phoned and told me to come to the villa for dying some walls. I have no notion what kind of events that was. My endless restrained rage and bore. I painted timeless long and short the same time. About two hours I listened one chapter “three men in a boat” and tried to smile allegadly I was in Tibet. But when we were sitting in the house I watched on my kins and thought (again) about them and my father who like me wasn’t a peasant deeply and not very inside. We were yields by one tree but they are by another one. Both of us known that best things in this world made for us and the type of people like we are. But they are not. A thought glimsed through my mind “But normal people buy potatos once two month and cock puree no more.” How far I stand by both of my grandmothers and sure that I belong to other side to the least side of my genes. 


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