The town changes.

 In the dusty new district near by a ravine I was drawing a landscape. All the time trucks disastered trees and put branches on empty places. I saw like an old yellow leaves tree was just knocked down. That place will be a new district with new beauty houses and road directly to Volga river. I don’t know how to think about this. Nothing new is able to be where no place for it and one need to clear away old trees and houses (with no any architectual value). It’s natural. But I felt some tiny regret about trees. No no. If there would be such houses like upwardly (with pretty sport ground for kids and adults equally, with flowers and clever parking sistem). I’m not disagree, this’s good idea, maybe a chance for the town to become better.

Under the sun I tired. The way backward was like a little torture I had going through backyards. Everywhere in the town there are constructions and repair of roads. And everywhere everybody crazy. I’ve never saw so much people and traffics on roads and along houses than now. What did happen? Repair of roads was and earlier too but something has changed and my own main street smells like a big city road (Beauty yellow lines between whites). I so used to run through calm morning street with no movement that was amazed by some stir there. It’s like my thoughts about big cities come to me in this kind of realization. Thoughts are material.

At home there was very quiet and calm. I’ve watched “City lights” by Ch.Chaplin – it’s amazing very honest and graceful cinema. Really art with nothing odd but only main.


2 thoughts on “The town changes.”

  1. It seems that more and more cities and towns are being built. Wherever I was this year they were doing something, and precicely today I was panfully stepping on broken stones near the bus stop.

    1. But there is a question of awkward “Who will live there if people already have places for life?” Does it mean that old soviet houses will have disastered or its will have been places for poors but new districts for reaches?

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