And yet a tennis is the inspiriting type of sport. I went to training with sadly thoughts about my life and senses (hard theme).

I watched the films at first about America then about France (both with Pozner of course). During that time I tried to draw something like dreams in my notebook. In a moment I’s drawing tree branches and seeing beauty french parks I immediately cried. I don’t know why, but this is the fact I’m not a whiny person. And I felt that some quantity of body pressure left me. And then I was going to training and met two girls Kate and Nastya. They are like a play what was abandoned in a moment and when was visited again nothing had changed. They spoke the same words they did and the same themes the did. I was have suspicious of sadness by them. But just I’ve entered the court another girl began to talk with me and in a breaks we has little talks. After half and a week pause of tennis I felt downright declining of my skills but an hour gone so fast and so insensibly. The way to home Helga and Me were talking about foreign cities, professions and future. In addition she’s only sixteen and already has entered to moscow university’s school. With that little talk I understood the notion I knew before. In tennis there are many intresting clever ambition people. 

Twitter still doesn’t work. 


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