town’s day

Stange day after yesterday viewing Fellini film and sadly walk through nighty dark street. In a moment I felt that I looking outside on myself. It was very uncanny sense.

 I listened in Posner’s programm about a way of bring up a patriotism with taking part in common history show but not with crackly speeches and the clang of weapons. Today in a centre of crowd who watched on plains I thought about it and concluded to nothing. More and more I understand about huge numbers of prejudices and delusions. “What does a fish know about a water it swim into all life?” – Einstein. I am able to answer “Nothing”. Maybe watches documentary films about other countries broke my wall of these prejudices and delusions we all have taken on that kind of events like today. It seems to me like year by year every person here is fed a dish called “lie”. I do not know nothing about something as I do not know more enough other ways. I feel stupid myself a little. Allegedly I was decieved. No allegedly I like a child thought that fire under a teapot is a real fire but sometime one told that it’s a gas. I feel a terrible sense that this life isn’t reallity. This buildings are so silly as cartoon. 


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