I didn’t think yesterday that today I am dying a wall in the villa. Arriving there I begin to listen the podcast about philosophy. This is so warm to touch on some lectures I can’t take here. About four hours was spent by me for that silly deal. But I’ve not done it at all. During the process I felt myself more and more boring. Finally when I’d worn very fast and was going to leave it happened little talk on theme “Townsmen and peasmants. Difference of views”. Somebody just buys potatos in a market somebody spents the whole summer and autumn for growing its. In the bus I thought that absolutely free by her feeble hopeless desire to change me and all the world around . I am not from her tree. At home weariness stayed with me. 

When evening came I went to paint a study. By little more then half an hour state had gone and I had made a promtly study very enthusiastic. 


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