Fears, triumphs and film.

It was very specific day. At the start I overcame a fear about bicicle. So long it tormented me like a deal I couldn’t do. But today directly on the morning I went to mum’s office to take it. And that was very surprise for me to find out that I really can do it and this is not hard as it seemed before. Of course some moments was very dangerous and tremendous – I was losing control in the little places or in front of bourder but also I was triumphing when riding across empty road filled with sun and colourful shadows (remind me my Italy). I had gone to the Mall and directed backward. Finally I’d arrived on the slope with some fear and using brake (divine invention!!)

After that delicious trip I went to the villa for having painter’s work done. I don’t know why my control was lost and some evil phrases was spoke by me. When she tries to give strict army orders I will fly off my handle and become a worst version of myself (Honestly that moments I feel myself like a child on her kitchen with no way to escape or chance for my own opinion). On the whole I had everything done and was very glad to listen a philosophy lecture again. It’s interesting she reckons me child and I do it too about her. And how silly it would she thinks I’m going to continue this peasants’ deal in this villa. 

At home there was such a blessed silence and peacefulness. Despite I was very tired I watched a film and cut my linocut a little. The film was “About time”. This is very warm and friendly film about simple unordinary boy who can moving back in time. Very atmospheric.

Tennis today was very hard and useful the same time. I have already done some goals with new type of throw. And I understood again that it’s very important to be concentrated. That was my little triumph again today. With girls we talk very pretty and fanny in cloakroom. 

At home there is the same boring affairs about yearns and where should we put its. I plan my days again but again and again feel like time slides through fingers and I do not have time enough.


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