It’s already five o’clock and I didn’t do anything yet. In one side I want to rest before “The storm” in other I know that only movement can stand me on foot. Everytime I need to imagine new “entertaints” for myself – I mean of course new types of drawing or photo, or other deals. Yesterday I waste two hours on horrible (on emotional level) fil – “Mulholland Drive” by Lynch and then at night I couldn’t asleep and heard different sounds I’ve never heard at night before and felt afraid. Even yesterday I calmed my nerves with french film. Today I was sorting out remained shelves with “Midnight in Paris” and then “To Rome with love”. That time I’ve sewed a case for brushes – I sew very bad as I didn’t do it long time. Again and again I must to presuade myself to live and create and do not transform into a cinephile. I’ve already taken a decision that I would work on diploma before the end of the end. I very determined. And I finished with my plain air too fast, I mean making photo and folding stack at a nook. Finally there’s nothing bad in my rest except emmobility. If I am able I would go on tennis more then twice a week. 


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