Begin to be autumnal

Ok. I came up with idea to put purposes on future ninety days, before first december.

It will be:

  • Everyday sketches
  • everyday engish writing (twitter is on)
  • morning pages
  • trainings (tennis, running)
  • self-eat control
  • saturday’s rest as films, books, cafe, photographic, writing.

It is clear that life in study will be very pressing and busy, but I would like to keep my enjoyment of life and faith in future, this day and myself. Autumn landscape is able to make me sad and vague but I should stay knowing about a ball and a game. Inspite of all in five years it won’t have so massive mean like it seems in lonely trolley bus or nighty study. It doesn’t matter if everybody has frown face, I know that above the clouds there is always sun. It’s my last jump in this space and then it will be another. I must be like flying butterfly what soars above the earth easy and merry, but soaring is a flight, a movement forward. No worries, no henses, no stupid questions. Nothing in the grey dimly workshop will be able to distrack me, no face and no another’s whine. It’s already the end of the book and I see the opened door to the next page, next canvas. 


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