First one of the last one.

There was so much emptiness inspite of all stir and rattle. I couldn’t asleep before deep night and just had woken up begun to write my pages. It made me easy. But when I took trolleybus nervious still was with me. Of course streets was fooled with little pupulis with flowers and their parents. Near my bus stop is the mend of tubes with dust in the sunny air. I went the same way looking on young third course and there’s something strange. I didn’t hence and had came late when all the hall was completed. Irina is very beautiful in her new glasses, Genya too with her blond hair. Masha was in very short skirt and skintight blues. In the old grey study we wasted long time on scattering about election warden. Finally we came to Nastya who was offered before. The process was rude and noisy and I seated like a silence-keeper. Of course it’s fanny etc, but however our lessons still hang above earth and no teacher who lead us here. Our main one is ill. Sitters  absent and I feel like this vain rabbish advances on my life. I want to very organised lessons with explicit time table and stages. Inspiriting study with freindly approach and creativity like an air without what we can’t breath. I want to. 

We were sitting in the pizza where was a lot of pupils. I tryed to lead a conversation and when it came to films I was and wasn’t very amazed about their choices and taste. This kind of events everytime is the stress for me and when we said goodbye, I felt very tired myself. In the little stationer’s shop I buy two pens and marker for sketching.


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