Recent days

So I am sitting here in front of the screen doing nothing at all. I noticed that I do not want to tell anything about my sad and disappointment. But I have its both and see where hands pull from. Yesterday we spent time shopping in our favourite store and then directed to photo store. There was terrible scene during what it became clear that we wasn’t going to buy the lens at all. To addition I felt that pressure dropped and I could cry right then. But we downstaired to the cafe and tryed a tiramisu with good latte. I was cracked. All the week’s little events spilled from my hand to bottom and sounded like thounder. Tennis training was with children and I’s very bad with all this stress of roads and children’s screams. Course college’s jubilee ehibition where I left like a kid from. But I begin to notice friendly attantion from other courses’ girls. I told with so number of people I’ve never told with before in the college. And in fact I’m upset because of not so happy birthday as I wanted to have. I’m moaning and act up. The truth is I must move forward and do not stop here on these words about birthday and college. I am like in another country where my inner can’t digest the situation. Oh so sentimental. Concentrate on creativity.


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