So what about this long briefly day? Running outdoors at the morning weather was cold and windy but there’s very beautiful mist away. Morning is still my own time of the day.

The first lesson we were sketching something on given theme – burst of the brain. Then art history. Maybe somebody thinks that the fifth course implies twenty century’s history. No you’re wrong. It means you are going to and fro on the old path. Of course our teacher is really good and inspiriting, but as the most she knows no more then it was said in our republic’s universities it doesn’t contain twenty century. No Worhol, Picasso, no Rotko or Backon. I set and thought that some times I would talk about this type of education for example. We watched Leonardo’s graceful pieces very carefully. I’d seen details I’d never beheld. As always after lesson I had washed to discuss the lecture allegadly it was a theatre. On the break it was folly talks about future. I confess in some arrogance I had about their behavior then. I hadn’t to be like that. 

Drawing in the corridor this time wasn’t so irritating as I was in the new headphones and didn’t hear any chatter. They sitted on the break very long and after sometime else, but I can’t to sit there doing nothing. I need a sense of my being that place and chatting with them isn’t it. There was also a fanny scene: I didn’t hear anything and one moment had seen Britvin behind of me saying something, I took off headphones and listened just words like “this is not right and this is too”. I laughed inside as it lookes frolicsome with no advace’s criticism. For childsh person I was at the first course it would seems so distructive descending self-esteem. But now it seems fanny. 

Evening we painted Irina’s portrait and during the process had delicious talks with other courses’ girls. Themes was about enter to academy. I listen last time that Academy is seemed to our classmate heavens – bound of happiness. I do not understand it and keep silence asking others. 

On tennis it was new older than last time group. Of course everybody but me is novice. I was good on court but bad by wall. At all I felt that forget everything it’s tought me at the summer. 


So joyfull to listen the radio en route to home where is tranquility and silence.


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