sunny day and talk

So, morning was sweety as I wake up in time and has been sleeping before eight. With no run and pages I went to the college through sunny colourful streets. There was a mist far on the river. And I felt happy myself. Painting the picture everytime thoughts was coming to me. To do something on New Year holiday, go to a pool, make a paper for stratchboard etc. I felt a stream of divine senses of happiness. I can don’t listen talks and take part on its only when I want to. This is my personal freedom. It even doesn’t matter that they really don’t know about the last Cannes film festival – really how have they managed to? Time flown very fast and that was already sketching time. I felt myself very weak like I had arrived on bus to Mascow right then.

No feels about Nastya’s question “What about your privite life?” – intresting. But discussion what happened en route unforgetful. I don’t know how could we touch the point of national themes for diploma work and how could I be so not restraining when said about chewing the cud from time to time. Of course I was in shock when it was offered to us to take two themes like War and Nationality. So far from really creativity and so resemble on everything happens in the Academies (I’d not told it). I listened Mary and understood that we are really have different points of view on art. And her point like a jogurt belongs to the most artists. Finally I tryed to keep piece between us and did what I call “untie the tangle”.

But I still calm though affraid to become like they are. I need to keep myself like I am. I’ve already seen that their way of life is terrible and I have my own. 


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