My sunny Wednesday

This day is from such sort of idle days I had year by year in the college. Of course I wrong in this phrase, this day was graceful. In the morning I got myself writing through sleepy eyes and then running with radio. Of course when I came back no sleep was in my eyes. Morning is great time I have to be calm and have breakfast with coffee in sunny room. Near by mum’s work place I was waiting for some people who could open the door for me to take the bike. Picture of me riding across so lightful quiet streets was so beautiful and inspiriting but there was nobody had came in time. I’ve got by bus. I looked on the grass interwoven curves and felt so highly senses I can’t to share really true with somebody. 

You will laugh but I went in so great mood greeting everybody and it started the old way of study. Very fanny. Our history teacher had begun a lesson in twenty minutes since the rang and it was very speaking about our education and herself to addition. Issues and assumptions she had to do were blur and more emotional than logical. Facts? Oh no, don’t talk about facts! I listened her with interest as I understood that such a bad communicator with reality teachs little minds to believe in her own rabbish. And the most of people does. After so numbers of Pozner’s programms I get a notion that majority of things we believe with words of people had listened from others listener is far from true. We need to ask about our and other people’s own experience what shows that and that. We can’t speak about politics as we’re not there, we don’t know any politicians or their subordenears. I do not believe in far questions in news we’re able to watch on central channels. I need to see many different persons who say facts from different points of view. – Oh very long I pressume.

Fanny day continued with computer graphic lesson where we just were doing something in 3d Max. So hard when you don’t know the short way to do. 

On the dinner break three classmates left and it ramained only Nastya and me. We drew the statue of Apollo. Sometimes Britvin came and made some remarks about mistakes. I understood more than in start. Finally it begun the composition – we had to show sketches. Britvin against destroying our poor papers was kind and talk with us about different questions. I shown him a sketch of lighty mointaint and suffering people below. And we begun to discuss Rome history so interesting. I could say much things but last time with teachers I tried to keep silence and not speak odd things what’s able to shake relations. He was positive and we too. Leaving from the college Nastya and me was smiling and hot discussing light for her composition. 

Tomorrow is Irina’s birthday and it’s party in the dormitory with everybody from our group. Frankly I really don’t want to go, I understand it even in the first september. But I promised and it will happen. Maybe I’m totally wrong and it will be merry evening. Just merry no cultured.


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