New day – friday.

Every new day takes me something really new. Today I woke up usual time and went to run. I need a new way for running as it’s already been boring. Then I finally rode on bike. It was very very high speed and so cold with freezy wind. I tryed to not bump into people who of coorse were going on bicicle line. But on the whole it was cool to fly across streets for study. Sun flooded the sky and summets of buildings, it is still like summer but not so downright hot and bright. I was like in another country with all vivid colours I beheld. In the collage I was treated but finally I had a parking place. So had gone to workshop I was already filled with emotions by every hard bourder. But riding like life as only you have overcame a problem you have another one and if you react immediately you won’t bump into troubles. Everytime we ride our days we need to be still careful and attentive as courage.

But when classmates and me were finding a stage with new sitter girl. She is in historic blue dress, we didn’t manage to ascertain what time it is from. Long long time had gone when the stage had been set at. I wasted much on connection with the sitter and our girls – silly. But to my excuse I’d done some english deals. Finally it was announced that the last lesson is canceled and we are free. In fact in a minute after ringing only Mary and me left there. Ok, no sketches today. So disappointing me.

Temptation just to rest is so great but I want something else. Sitter girl told a little about university I’d like to enter as her friend studies there. I need to be more self-organized, I’m too scatter on little things I presume may help me to “understand worlds rules”, but finally I have not so full days. Full but not with that I need and like to fill it. Oh and my ideas for initiation-party was saw by organizers.


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