So it’s pretty Saturday. I’ve got enough sleep after friday evening and woke up with sun flooded the room. Inspite it’s my rest day I ashamed with my inaction during the week. Our group doesn’t deserve to make sketches and studies after the fifth lesson and I swip with the stream. But it shouldn’t keep prolongation more. I personally need more practise work with paper and pencil. Even today I a little dissatisfied with my long-term preparation. For the rest on saturdays I should enjoy with study on the whole week. Tomorrow we are going to buy boots and seat in cafe with great cakes. I like life with my little projects like stratchboard, Mikelangelo’s copy, watercolour, with “the new yorker” and “vanity fair” like my magazines, with “Picture of Dorian Grey” like a book and autumn light like light for me. Now I full of hope and courage for advancing. I won’t enter to St.Petersbourg’s institute but Moscow’s. And I really think I will. It remains just a objective to keep the center of mine here and do thing based on this center.


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